Are you making the right impression?

Are you making the right impression?

Right Impression?


When it’s time to “stock up” on corporate gifts and promotional items, how do you know which ones will “wow” your clients and prospects?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to selecting promotional items that create the right impression of your business – or simply call EXCITE Promotional Merchandise on 028 9267 4020 and we’ll help you choose the perfect promotional items for your company…

1.    Follow your own values

If you want people to take your business seriously, then novelty gifts may not make the right statement – on the other hand if you’re all about personality, then a light-hearted promotional gift could be a perfect reflection of your business.  Of course that’s not to say you have to stick to convention, or that you should play it conservative every time.  Sometimes something out of the ordinary can really help your organisation stand out.

2.    Remember who you’re sending them too

It might sound obvious, but we’ve seen many businesses sending promotional items that their audience simply wouldn’t ever need!  Consider whether the people you want to do business with are technical, creative, adventurous, analytical … and select a gift that will appeal to them.

3.    Don’t compromise on quality

Whilst you need to keep a watchful eye on your budget, sending distinctly “cheap” gifts could send the message that “we value you, but not enough to send you something expensive”!Better to go for smaller quality items, than something larger and less well made.

4.    Don’t forget your logo!

If you have a company logo that you’ll be having printed on your corporate gifts, check that the item can display it properly.  You might struggle to get a large or complex logo onto a small item.If you want a sneak preview, visit us at where you can view 100s of promotional products ready to be branded with your logo.

5.    Follow it up

This one’s not really about choosing the right gift (if you’re not well on the way by now, call us on 028 9267 4020 and we’ll get you on the right lines) … but it’s an invaluable tip that could help you boost your business.  Whether you’re sending pensUSB sticksbags, calculatorsmugsumbrellas or any other item, don’t just “send and forget”.  Make your promotional gifts part of an ongoing series of communications with your existing customers and your prospects, and you’ll see more sales, and more revenue, from both groups.

You’ll find a wealth of inspiration for all things promotional at our dedicated promotional merchandising website –

Visit today and see what might inspire your audience, or call us on 028 9267 4020 for an obligation-free chat about how you could get the best results from your next choice of gift.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and to discussing the next steps to maximising your brand.